Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 9th and 10th 2011

December 10th was an ordinary day for me. Christmas break was just beginning and since Jalfred was gone and my parents weren't doing anything too special for the holiday season, I decided to pick up shifts at work. I was a Nurse Tech. I woke up, got ready for a long day ahead of me.
 Jalfred usually called me at either 3am, 6-7am, or 9am. Those were the times he was back at the COP and had free time.
 I talked to him on the 9th. We had a long and wonderful conversation about different things. I complained about how much I missed him and how I needed to feel his love because he was so far. We talked about moving our wedding up from when his homecoming was to his R&R instead. We talked about Christmas, New years, and his upcoming birthday. He told me that he wanted to get baptized when he came home.. He had gotten very close to God during deployment.
 I was missing him extra that day, so he let me open a package that arrived at my house a few days before. It was my Christmas present he ordered for me. He was very adamant about me not opening it up until Christmas day, but for some reason he told me to open it while I was on the phone with him right then. I did! I was so thrilled when I opened a box that had a digital picture frame in it. It was the perfect gift! I missed him so much and now I could upload pics of us to cheer me up. It was perfect. I remember our last words to each other when he had to go. "I love you baby" he said, "I love you too bear, I can't wait to be your wife."
 Moving forward to December 10th now. I went to work, expecting a call between 3-9am, but none came. I didn't think too much of it as it wasn't uncommon for the soldiers to get pulled onto a patrol last minute. The day went on. It was a horrible day at work for me. I was so behind on patient care and charting. I had to stay an extra hour to get everything done. I got home, took a shower, and was laying on my bed. This was the message I wrote to him when I never got a call...

“Hey baby bear, I’m about to head into work L I guess you weren’t able to call. It’s ok! Hopefully tonight! I miss you so incredibly much! You’re my world and I love you more than you ever know. I hope you’re safe and warm hunny. You’re in my prayers as always J I wait til you return to me! Have a great day/night. Pray for me too! I have a long day ahead of me..and you’re my strengthJ Muah! Love you!”

I didn't know how long my day really was going to be...As I reread that message, my phone rang. It wasn't Jalfred, but his mother. I know her well and knew that it was probably past her usual bedtime. I immediately had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Without hesitation, I answered the phone. I knew by her voice something was terribly wrong. She kept asking me where I was and if my parents were around. I knew. She finally began telling me that two soldiers came to her door..."Is he dead?" I screamed...She said " No," Oh I was so relieved but then.. I learned that my baby was shot. . In the head. All they told us was that he was stable. I had to “sleep” through the night and the next thing I’m on a plane half way around this earth. A flight to Atlanta and then a nine hour flight to Germany. I have hardly traveled out of my state let alone this continent. Not knowing if my sweetheart is alive or dead or in-between.

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