Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Fisher House

I finally arrived in Germany. I was so lucky to have already had my passport. Only me and Jalfred's mom had our passports, the rest of his family had to come a day later, after flying to Washintong DC and having their passports made there. I arrive an hour before his mother's flight arrived, so I got off the plane..alone. It was so scary. I was confused and emotional. I had no idea who was picking me up to take me to Landstuhl. I got lost in the airport, couldn't figure out how to get out of the place.  But finally I saw the girl who I sat next to after we went through customs and she helped me find my way.

A man finally approached me and asked me if I was Kathleen Madden. I said yes, and went with him to his car. Everything in Germany was so different. It was raining and gloomy during the hour car ride. I cried and struck up some conversation. I had so much hope inside, yet somehow I still knew the possibility of the worst outcome imaginable.
I arrived in Landstuhl an hour before Jalfred's mother came. The Liaison told me that he would take me to the Fisher House and get me settled in, and then we would head over to the hospital. I told him that I just couldn't wait to see Jalfred, I told him I needed to be there right away. He asked if that was okay, and Jalfred's mom said no. I couldn't figure out why until I asked her if she had gotten an update...she said yes. She told me that she would tell me once she arrive. I knew it was bad. But again, I was still hoping, still wishing, still praying. 

The liaison took me to the Fisher House. It's a place where families stay when visiting their wounded loved one. It was very comfortable and homey feeling. He dropped me off and I met the manager of the house. She was a very kind woman. She tried her best to make me as comfortable as possible since I would have to wait another hour. She began asking me questions about Jalfred and I and how we met and how he proposed. I enjoyed telling her my stories, but knew that my baby was across the street, possibly dead. I wanted to be with him so badly.

Jalfred's mother finally arrived. She put her things in the house, and then it was time to see Jalfred. It didn't seem real. It still doesn't.

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